KR Executive Group

This division is broken up in two missions. One to provide candidates and to our ownership teams and the second to prepare athletes for life after sports.

The average professional athlete's career is over by age 33. For physically-demanding sports, like football, it's as young as 28. 

There are plenty of stories of professional athletes leading fulfilling lives beyond sport so why then do professional athletes struggle?

Being a professional athlete is all encompassing. To give it up is a struggle. But athletes must let go and move on at some point, leaving behind a tight knit camaraderie and public adulation few could imagine. 

Talking to current players, it’s clear what it means to be part of a winning team, to play your heart out in a sport you love. You can see it in their eyes, their drive and their passion.

Research highlights the stress and struggle of retirement. The common struggles are due to a loss of a sporting identity, team and the need to organize their own life rather than to have it organized for them.

The power of a name can only take a former athlete so far when it comes to job hunting. That's when KR Executive Group steps in to get athletes to their next chapter in life